Hair Extensions After Care


After Fitting

When your extensions have been fitted you may notice that your head and scalp feel tender.  This is normal and is caused by the extra weight of the hair. They should start to feel more comfortable within three days. You should not wash your hair during this period. This will allow the keratin to harden and strengthen your extension bonds. In the meantime use dry shampoo to keep your locks fresh.



It is best to tie your hair into a plait or loose ponytail when sleeping as this will help prevent your hair extensions from becoming tangled whilst you move in your sleep.


Daily Care

You should work your fingers through your hair at least once a day to separate the bonds; the more times the better. When doing this gently tease apart extensions that have become locked together. If you don't do this your extensions can become tangled and matted.



You extensions will last longer if you only wash your hair 2 to 3 times per week. Over washing can soften the bonds as well as additional tangling. Prior to washing your hair it is best that you de-tangle your hair and separate any bonds that are locked together. Due to the additional weight of your hair, and the sensitivity of the bonds, it is important that you wash with your head upright, ideally under a shower. This will prevent tangling and unnecessary pressure on your bonds. When shampooing, apply it gently and smooth it down the natural direction of the hair. Try not to rub your hair too roughly as this can cause damage. After rinsing, only condition the mid-length and ends. Avoid conditioning the roots as this can cause the bonds to soften and loosen. When drying gently pat the hair dry in an upright position. Don't rub your hair.



After patting dry use a suitable conditioning spray if possible. Gently brush and de-tangle your hair, being careful not to snag the bonds with your brush or comb. Use a soft bristled brush when blow drying and don't place your hair dryer too close to the bonds when on high heat. In order to protect your extensions, and their longevity, heat protection spray is recommended when using straighteners, tongs or heated rollers.



A tangle free hair brush is essential to use on the hair close to your bonds. This brush has soft bristles that are able to de-tangle your hair whilst moving gently and smoothly over your bonds. Split your hair into sections, starting with the mid-lengths, holding each section as you gently brush down the length of your hair towards the ends. Gradually repeat and begin to brush higher as your hair begins to feel smoother. Do not place additional stress on your hair when brushing. When close to the roots place a firm hand on your bonds to protect them; this will also prevent pulling that leads to unnecessary hair loss.



If you decide to have your hair extensions removed this should be carried out by a suitably qualified person using a special removal solution. This process allows your extensions to be removed quickly leaving no trace or residue of the bonds in your hair. The removal process also prevents damage to your natural hair.

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